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Myra McElhaney is a writer and speaker. Her articles have appeared in various publications including Atlanta Woman, Customer Relationship Management, Competitive Edge, USIndustry Today and The Gwinnett Business Journal. Her work is included in three anthology books including, Reach for the Stars, and Exceptional Accomplishment, both published by Brookfield and James and CLIMB: Leading Women In Technology Share Their Journeys To Success published by Women in Technology in 2010. Just in time for Mother’s Day of 2011, Myra released a book of quotes from her Mama entitled, "Mama Always Says…" In August 2011 she published a book of poetry called, "MUSINGS on Major and Minor Matters that May or May Not Matter." Additionally she writes a blog for businesswomen called, Advancing Women in Business and writes a blog and weekly newsletter for ArtsCard.com about local theatre and entertainment. When not busy with various writing projects, Myra stays active in the community by serving on the advisory board of The Professional Women’s Information Network, working with the PR committee for Women in Technology, maintaining membership in the Board of Director’s Network and the International Alliance of Women and participating in fundraising events to support Brain Tumor Research. For fun she enjoys travel, entertaining, stimulating conversation, clever rapport and laughter. Her books include "MUSINGS on Major and Minor Matters that May or May Not Matter" published by BookLogix, August 2011; "Mama Always Says…" published by BookLogix, May 2011; "CLIMB: Leading Women In Technology Share Their Journeys To Success" published by Women in Technology in 2010; "Reach for the Stars" published by Brookfield and James. and "Exceptional Accomplishment" published by Brookfield and James.

So you’re a social media expert now?

Social media is a vehicle (my car)A recent email from a friend started this way after she saw that I was doing some workshops on social media. Another commented that she was surprised and didn’t see that as in alignment with what I speak and write about. Continue reading


Facebook, Friends and Referrals

Facebook likeI’ve known Patti for over twenty years but as we caught up over dinner recently I realized that I’ve never sat down and had a one-on-one conversation with her. We’re in the same industry and have seen each other at numerous events over the years.

So why are we getting together socially now? Facebook. Continue reading

Social Media Mistakes That Hurt Your Business

10 Social Media Mistakes

  1. Not having a plan. If you intend to use social media for your business you need to have a plan that outlines who you want to connect with, which social media sites you’ll use, how often you’ll post and what content you’ll share. Planning can save you time and keep you focused.
  2. Not understanding what social media can and can’t do for your business. People often complain that they don’t or can’t get business from social media. You can get brand recognition, publicity, and information, establish yourself as an expert in your industry and make connections… All those benefits can lead to business.
  3. Expecting to get without giving. Social media utilizes ‘pay it forward marketing.’ Giving content in the form of information, articles, introductions and encouragement strengthens connections. When they know, like and trust you they’ll be interested in seeing what product or service you offer—not before. Don’t instant message someone you’ve never corresponded with about your product or service.
  4. Using ‘broadcast only.’ That’s what I call it when people post, broadcasting their messages, but don’t bother to read what their connections are posting. Liking, commenting and sharing the messages of your target market and influencers will strengthen connections.
  5. Spreading negativity. Would you refer business to someone who’s always negative? Someone who frequently complains, rants about perceived injustices or makes fun of their clients or peers? I wouldn’t! People want to do business with nice people. Be nice!
  6. Not respecting the 80/20 rule of social media. The first word in ‘Social media’ is social. It’s expected that you’ll share 80 percent personal content. (Personal as in personable—not private!) Only 20 percent should be business. On a dedicated business pages you don’t need as much personal information but give 80 percent and sell only 20 percent.
  7. Not posting your business or company information. Oddly some people fear appearing ‘salesy’ so they don’t make their business info easy to find. If people don’t know or remember what you do they aren’t likely to think of you when they need your product or service or have a chance to refer someone to you. List your business name and contact in your profile. Occasionally linking to your website, blog, product or business page can easily be done without being pushy.
  8. Not having a recognizable profile photo. Photos of babies, puppies or your team logo are great to post as show your personality but your profile photo is what people see every time you post, comment or share. They need to be able to recognize your face. For business pages you’ll want a professional headshot.
  9. Getting political. Be very careful about sharing political post. Appearing dogmatic or extreme can easily turn off prospective clients and keep people from referring business to you. Even if you’re diplomatic enough to give an opinion without vitriol you can’t control what comments people leave and how the conversation turns. Personally, I miss the days when I didn’t know the political affiliation of everyone around me.
  10. Being boring! Social media is like a huge party where people are coming in and out, having conversations and sharing stuff. If you’re always serious and bland you’re missing an opportunity to show your personality and connect with people.

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Are you cruising around on social media or driving where you want to go?

Social Media sites are vehiclesWhen I was a teenager my sister and I loved to go riding around in town. (Just like in the movie, American Graffiti!) We’d go to the little nearby town and cruise from the square to the Tasty Freeze and back around. Loop after loop; for hours. We wanted to see who else was there and what they were Continue reading

Good News about Social Media

The Good News is...Social MediaIn last week’s paper I read an article outlining how social media is normalizing bad behavior. When we (and especially young people) see our leaders and famous entertainers being rewarded for posting rude and hurtful comments it gives us permission to do the same.

Nothing unites people like a common enemy. When people post negative comments others are quick to pile on or take sides.

Social media satisfies the human need for connection. In person we get immediate feedback about our behavior by facial expression, tone of voice, comments and behaviors of the people we’re with. In social media the feedback (or reward) is through likes, comments and shares.

The good news is that despite the multitude of negative posts; positive posts like Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie and Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement have gotten a record number of interactions. Videos of puppies and babies are always popular, too.

Even better news is that YOU get to choose! You choose who to follow, what to like, what comments to make and what to share or forward.

The choice is yours. Do you want to spread joy or do you want to spread negativity? Do you want to be a voice of defeat or a voice of encouragement?

I choose joy! I choose positivity!

What will you choose today?



(P.S. If you’re thinking that you’ve read this blog before you may be right! I posted it last week under a different title and am testing to see if I get more clicks on “Bad news about…” or “Good news about…” Thanks for reading!)


Myra McElhaney is an author and speaker who’s purpose in life and business is to Enjoy Life and Do Good! Learn more at MyraMcElhaney.com. Her memoir, Building A Life You Love After Losing the Love of Your Life is available on Amazon.com.


Bad News about Social Media

The bad news is...Social MediaIn today’s paper I read an article outlining how social media is normalizing bad behavior. When we (and especially young people) see our leaders and famous entertainers being rewarded for posting rude and hurtful comments it gives us permission to do the same.

Nothing unites people like a common enemy. When people post negative comments others are quick to pile on or take sides. Continue reading