Have you gotten business from Facebook?

Like, know, trust“You don’t know me,” a woman said recently, “but I follow you on Facebook.” We were at a party given by some mutual business friends when she approached me.

“Of course I know you!” I replied calling her by name. We chatted for a few minutes about the pictures of the sunset that I frequently post and a few other things. She rarely posts but occasionally ‘likes’ or comments on my posts.

I’d met this lady several times at business networking events but apparently she didn’t remember and didn’t really notice me until we connected via Facebook.

Later she referred a piece of business to me.

Yes, I have gotten business from Facebook.

This is a question people often ask as a way to clarify whether Facebook is beneficial for business, or to argue that it isn’t.

Facebook isn’t a sales vehicle. It is a vehicle for creating and strengthening connections. What Facebook can do for you is to increase your visibility, identify you with your brand, strengthen and make valuable connections, allow you to share and receive information.

Posting on Facebook regularly keeps me top-of-mind with my connections. I’ve been asked to speak on a couple panels and invited to speak for professional and civic groups. While not paying engagements, this gives me an opportunity to connect with possible clients and to sell books. It’s free publicity!

The general rule of social media is that you post 80% personal and 20% business. Personal doesn’t mead private. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want everybody to know. Even personal posts can subtly remind people of what business you’re in. Just like at a party you may mention being excited about a new client or preparing for an upcoming business trip. That’s social but about business.

The 20% business doesn’t have to be a direct ‘ask’ for business. You don’t need to be salesy and pushy. You may just want to link to your website with a comment or let people know of an upcoming special offer or share useful information.

“People do business with people they like, know and trust,” is a long-standing business axiom. Showing who you are as a person on Facebook is a great way to let people get to know you enough that they can like and trust you. That’s good for business!

Want to learn more about using Facebook for business? Email Myra@MyraMcElhaney.com to ask about upcoming workshops.


Myra McElhaney is an author and speaker who helps people to work with purpose, live with passion and make a difference. Learn more at http://www.MyraMcElhaney.com

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