So you’re a social media expert now?

Social media is a vehicle (my car)A recent email from a friend started this way after she saw that I was doing some workshops on social media. Another commented that she was surprised and didn’t see that as in alignment with what I speak and write about.

One of my areas of expertise is creating connections. Business networking. Over the years I’ve made many connections with people from various backgrounds.

For me, social media is a vehicle to connect with people. When I started using it I didn’t know an algorithm from an antihistamine! I still don’t know much about the technology. (Just like I don’t know much about what’s under the hood of a car but I love to drive!) What I do know is how to use social media to connect with people you want to know. And people you want to know about you!

Even before everyone had contact management software—back when there was a Rolodex on every desk—I was known as someone who knows people. Not highfalutin famous or important people, just an amazing assortment of people from different walks of life. From accountants and authors to Zumba instructors and zoning managers. I like people, remember their stories and am always happy to connect them with people I think they’d like to meet.

When a business associate reached out to his network asking if anyone knew a rocket scientist who could endorse his book, I made an introduction. I also know quite a few brain surgeons. I’ve even been known to introduce people to someone I don’t know. But that’s a story for a different day!

If you’re interested in knowing about creating connections with social media send an email to

And if you just happen to need a brain surgeon, contact me for that, too!


Myra McElhaney is an author and speaker who encourages people to Enjoy Life and Do Good! Learn more at

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