Do you see the tremendous treasure of time off?


Rooftop Toast!

Finding ourselves dateless and craving a stress free New Year’s Eve, my friend Susan and I decided to celebrate the passing of 2016 with a relaxing movie marathon sleepover.

We scheduled massages in the afternoon of the 31st, saw a movie and then she came to my place. We talked of life, shared stories, listened to music, made a sumptuous dinner of braised lamb shanks, and drank a little Champagne. (And by ‘a little’ I mean a lot!) Then we Continue reading

Big Blunders to Avoid in Networking

speaking-at-book-festivalHaving been a speaker and writer for many years, I attend a lot of networking events and I enjoy them. Over the years I’ve created quite a strong network of connections. Many of my friends who are speakers, writers and coaches have been telling me for years that I should talk about networking because of my reputation for knowing and introducing people.

Like most folks I tend to devalue something that comes easily to me and not think of it as a skill. (I’m getting better with that!) Now I’ve taken their advice and begun Continue reading

Another Crack in the Glass Ceiling

Sandberg quotePolitics aside…can we do that? Can we, just for a few moments put aside our political preferences, stop yelling about who’s the biggest liar, which side is the best for ‘Merica and which politician Continue reading

Pokémon Go Away!

Pokemon Go AwayIn 2009 only weeks after my husband had died I noticed a strange car sitting across from my house. It was an even distance between the two houses on the other side of the street so I wondered if someone was visiting either neighbor why they didn’t park closer or in the driveway of their host. Continue reading

The Power of Storytelling

Genius“…in the days of cavemen people gathered around the campfire at night and someone would start talking, telling a story, and it made them less afraid.”

Renowned book editor Max Perkins says this to acclaimed author, Thomas Wolfe in the new movie, Genius. (It’s based on the book, Max Perkins: Editor of Genius by A. Scott Berg.) Continue reading

Atlanta Author Publishes Memoir About Rebuilding Life After Loss

Life You Love AFTER cvr medMyra McElhaney of Atlanta, Georgia released Building A Life You Love After Losing the Love of Your Life on January 12, 2016 with a launch party at Georgia Public Broadcasting where Vikki Locke of LRK Media interviewed the author about her writing.

A writer and speaker before losing her husband Phil to a brain tumor in 2009; McElhaney was accustomed to using personal stories to illustrate ideas and techniques for business. After the loss of her husband, friends and associates began introducing McElhaney to other widows and widowers hoping she could help them to navigate through their grief. Those conversations prompted her to share her experience and insights in a memoir.

Using her trademark humor and irreverence, McElhaney opens the book with a chapter called, “In Bed with Jose Cuervo” and gives readers a brutally honest look at her roller coaster ride through grief. While sobbing in her Ben & Jerry’s, doing grief therapy with a professional and railing at God, McElhaney realizes that she wasn’t married to a dead man and just waiting to join him.

“Raw and honest and yes, even funny,” says TV Journalist/Author, Kimberley Kennedy. “If you are suffering loss, I urge you to let Myra’s story help you navigate the waters of this very difficult storm. She is bright, shining, living proof that joy does indeed wait on the other side.”

Building A Life You Love After Losing the Love of Your Life is available on You can learn more about Myra McElhaney’s speaking and writing at


Balance is a verb!

Susan, Myra, Sue, Barbara at Crested Butte 2016People often talk of “having balance” or “getting balance” or ‘being more balanced.” As if it’s a thing to get or something to achieve. Balance is a verb—an action word. It’s something you do. Some weeks you may balance well; others not so much.

I was reminded of this recently as I was taking a ski lesson. Continue reading