Are you cruising around on social media or driving where you want to go?

Social Media sites are vehiclesWhen I was a teenager my sister and I loved to go riding around in town. (Just like in the movie, American Graffiti!) We’d go to the little nearby town and cruise from the square to the Tasty Freeze and back around. Loop after loop; for hours. We wanted to see who else was there and what they were doing. Sometimes we’d run into friends and pull over to talk with them. Other times we’d catch the attention of some cute guys and they’d motion for us to pull over and talk. We’d hurry home to make our curfew not having really been anywhere; just riding around.

Like a car, social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are vehicles. You can get ‘on’ social media and cruise around to see who else is there and what’s happening. Or you can use that vehicle to take you where you want to go.

Saying, “I’m on social media but it’s not helping my business,” is like cruising around town and complaining that you aren’t going anyplace new.

In order to get you to the desired destination you need to know where you want to go and have a plan of how to get there.

Based on requests from friends and business associates who’ve said they’d like more information on how I use social media, I’ve developed a new series of 3 workshops on The Nitty Gritty of Social Media for Business. Each is a stand-alone workshop so you can attend one, two or all three. In the first one we’ll start developing a social media plan, right there in class. You’ll be able to see how to use the vehicles to achieve business results!

If you need additional information or want to sign up, contact me at Forward the information to anyone you think would be interested.

Remember; social media sites are vehicles, where you go with them is up to you!


Myra McElhaney is an author, speaker, workshop leader and social media enthusiast! Learn more at



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