Bad News about Social Media

The bad news is...Social MediaIn today’s paper I read an article outlining how social media is normalizing bad behavior. When we (and especially young people) see our leaders and famous entertainers being rewarded for posting rude and hurtful comments it gives us permission to do the same.

Nothing unites people like a common enemy. When people post negative comments others are quick to pile on or take sides.

Social media satisfies the human need for connection. In person we get immediate feedback about our behavior by facial expression, tone of voice, comments and behaviors of the people we’re with. In social media the feedback (or reward) is through likes, comments and shares.

The good news is that despite the multitude of negative posts; positive posts like Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie and Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement have gotten a record number of interactions. Videos of puppies and babies are always popular, too.

Even better news is that YOU get to choose! You choose who to follow, what to like, what comments to make and what to share or forward.

The choice is yours. Do you want to spread joy or do you want to spread negativity? Do you want to be a voice of defeat or a voice of encouragement?

I choose joy! I choose positivity!

What will you choose today?

Please post your comments below.

Myra McElhaney is an author and speaker who’s purpose in life and business is to Enjoy Life and Do Good! Learn more at Her memoir, Building A Life You Love After Losing the Love of Your Life is available on

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