Serious About Comedy: What We Can Learn About Success from Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers photoI admired Joan Rivers. Yes, she was crude. Yes, she was rude. Yes, she had way too much plastic surgery. She was also a trailblazer and a hard working woman with much to teach us about life and business. I’ve watched her for years and saw the documentary of her life which gave an inside view of the woman behind the character. As the world pays tribute now in the days after her death, here are some things I learned from observing Joan Rivers that many of us can apply to our own businesses. Continue reading

Relationships Matter the Most

“What matters most is the relationships we have in life,” Joe Daniels, President, 9/11 Memorial.

9 11 memorial

Today I look out my living room window to the heart of Buckhead and the view I love. I wonder what went through the minds and hearts of those who lived in view of the World Trade Centers as they looked out their windows on September 11th, 2001. I think of this, not only today, but every time I see an airplane that looks like it’s too close to one of the tall buildings I’ve come to know from my window. Continue reading