The Power of Storytelling

Genius“…in the days of cavemen people gathered around the campfire at night and someone would start talking, telling a story, and it made them less afraid.”

Renowned book editor Max Perkins says this to acclaimed author, Thomas Wolfe in the new movie, Genius. (It’s based on the book, Max Perkins: Editor of Genius by A. Scott Berg.)

Stories have that power. To make us less afraid. To make us feel more normal. To transport us to a different time and place. To educate us—not by teaching but by taking us on a journey that allows us to learn as we go.

I recently read an article saying that storytelling will be the most important business skill of the future. It’s the best way to get employees, investors and customers to emotionally connect with the company’s purpose and vision.

Books, movies and television programs are based on storytelling. People get hooked and want to know what happens next.

There’s an old adage that says, “Tell me your story and I’ll find mine.” Good stories can help us to process our own thoughts and feelings. They can inspire us to move forward or overcome by showing us how someone else faced the same challenges and survived. The give us hope.

As an author I found it cathartic to tell my own ‘hero’s journey’ of reassessing and rebuilding my life after losing my husband. One of the best compliments I’ve received is when a reader contacted me about my book to say, “You helped me see that I’m not crazy!”

Although my book is about losing my husband to death, a recent divorcee called to say, “Because of your book I’m buying myself flowers this Valenting’s Day!”

Our stories have power.

What’s your story?

What stories (books, movies or first-hand accounts) have helped or inspired you?

What stories do you tell to help others?


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