Want to grow with me?

Can you believe I’ve been in the speaking business for over twenty years now? Yesterday, talking with a friend who has been doing this even longer prompted me to do the math. I started training for the Liz Claiborne company about 1989. Within a few years I was on my own as an independent corporate trainer. With that I began doing keynotes, conference breakout sessions and speaking for non-profit groups and associations.

Over the years I started writing to promote my business and fell in love with writing. Eventually I started focusing more on the writing than the speaking. Writing for magazines, newspapers, participating in a few anthology books.

When my husband became sick and eventually died I stopped working in my business for a while and reassessed what I wanted to do with my life now! Of course it came back to speaking and writing. I’ve published a few gift books and taken on additional writing projects.

Last year my friend, fellow speaker June Cline and I did a Vision Board workshop mainly because we wanted to do new vision boards for the year and why not make a party of it! (That’s how it goes with us social people! Everybody, come along!) That was successful and after thinking it over and under and through for a while I decided to add workshops to my business offerings.

Last month I did a Writer’s Workshop with long-time friend, bestselling author Ronda Rich. Her husband, Emmy Award winning TV writer/producer John Tinker, even came and did a bonus afternoon session! It worked so well that we did Writer’s Workshop II on November 16th. Ronda is very busy with having one of her six nationally published books made into a TV movie and beginning to open for comedian Bill Engvall. Still, she’s making time to help aspiring authors get started on the craft she loves.

As I look back over my speaking and writing career I see that it’s changed and grown along the way. That’s what businesses and people do. They grow and adapt. I read recently that Nintendo started in the 1880’s with playing cards as their first game product. They certainly changed with the times and remained relevant over the years.

It’s exciting to see how we can grow and change along with our careers, whether we’re artists, business owners or working in the corporate world. It’s good to look ahead, try new things and grow in new directions. Check my website at MyraMcElhaney.com for upcoming workshops and news.

I hope you’ll come here from time to time to see what’s new and grow along with me. Please share my blog and workshop information with anyone you think would be interested and I hope our paths will cross real soon!

Enjoy Life and Do Good!

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