14 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Alone

213Many of my friends are single, divorced or widowed, like me. Some of them hate Valentine’s Day. I don’t.

Before I married at the ripe old age of 34 I was never the gal who was always in a relationship. In my adult life I’ve spent about as many Valentine’s Days alone as I have with a boyfriend or spouse.

I recently saw the quote, “Find a man who messes up your lipstick, not your mascara!” I have happy Valentine’s Days memories with a husband who loved me. I also have memories of Valentine’s Days with the ‘mess up your mascara’ kind of guy who always left me feeling like I wasn’t enough. I know that being alone is not the worst relationship status!

Here are a few ways you can enjoy and celebrate Valentine’s Day even if you don’t have a Valentine! (All these work with a friend, too!)

  1. Have a party for one. Make a nice dinner, have a glass of wine and a box of chocolates. (They have small boxes with only three candies but it’s Valentine’s Day so if you go ahead and get the box with six who am I to judge?)
  2. Buy yourself flowers. My husband used to bring me roses and now I buy them for myself. If makes me and others happy! (Click the link to read my blog about that.)
  3. Buy a box of cheap valentines—the kind grade-school children exchange. Give them out throughout your day to people you encounter. (Not the mushy ones, but the ones suitable for anyone. Unless, of course, you don’t mind the grocery store cashier thinking you have a crush on him!)
  4. Think of someone you know who is also alone and invite them to dinner. Doing a good deed will make you feel better and it’ll be a treat for them as well.
  5. Visit an elderly neighbor or relative and listen to the stories of their lives. Ask about their early lives, places they’ve lived or jobs they’ve had. Listening to someone and giving them your full attention is an amazing gift!
  6. Go for an early dinner and sit at the bar. That’s where the single guys go before the sweetheart rush. A friend and I discovered that a few years ago! Gave new meaning to “Happy Hour.”
  7. Read a good book. How long since you’ve set aside time to enjoy your favorite genera? Whether a cozy mystery you can finish in one sitting, a thriller or the biography you’ve been meaning to start. Reading is a great escape that’s good for mind and soul!
  8. Go to a movie. An early one. Not the ‘50 Shades type’—it’ll be full of couples with women wearing provocative get-ups. Pick one that no one in their right mind would choose as a date-night movie!
  9. Watch a movie at home. Sappy Hallmark love story if that’s what you like or the documentary you know you should watch but have been putting off. Enjoy the whole box of popcorn! As we’ve learned from Olivia Pope, red wine goes well with popcorn!
  10. Get a massage! Pamper yourself with yoga, a long walk, a bubble bath or whatever makes you feel good.
  11. Work late. This is only a good distraction if it’s not your routine. It’ll be quiet while all the others are heading home early to celebrate with their other half.
  12. Call your Mama. Or Daddy or Grandma. Thank them for the love they’ve given you all through the years. In fact, list all the people who love you and call or text, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  13. Start reading “Calling in the One.” This time actually do the exercises think about what you really want in that relationship you’d love to have by next February!
  14. Dance it out! Crank up your favorite music and dance. That’s right. All by yourself in your own living room. It’ll be a good workout and mood elevator.

As for me, I’ll be home enjoying my roses and chocolates. Probably with a movie or a good book.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S. I’d love to hear how you spend Valentine’s Day if you aren’t part of a couple!

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