What makes you happy?


Happiness wall

Wall of happiness


Last weekend friends and fellow authors, June Cline, Sandy Weaver Carmen and I set out on the road to participate in the Southern Women’s Show in Savannah, Georgia where we had a booth to sell our books. I talk and write about enjoying life and doing good. June is a humorist and Sandy does programs on happiness. We called it our joy, humor and happiness tour.

It was a great idea. Their target market is women. Our target market is women. We set up a booth, displayed our books, held a drawing for a free Basket ‘O Books and invited people to share three things that make them happy for our ‘happiness wall.’

Hundreds of women stopped by our booth, registered for the drawing and a few bought books. Most cheerfully wrote on post-it notes three things that make them happy. Many listed God, family, children, grandchildren and friends. Some said wine, beer, dancing or knitting. One lady said, “Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!”

One young woman chatted away as she wrote the things that make her happy. Her mother stood, blankly looking at the display. When I asked what three things make her happy she said, “I don’t know.”

Her daughter piped in, “Yeah, she’s not a happy person.”

“Yeah. I’m just not.” The woman answered flatly.

What? Just not happy? Nothing makes you happy? And you’re OK with that? My sometimes overly-optimistic brain just has difficulty comprehending that some people don’t care about being happy. Sure, we all have times when we aren’t happy but who doesn’t want to be happier?

I told her about the research on happiness and that people are born with a happiness set-point. A natural level of happiness (or lack thereof) but that can be changed if the person wants to raise their level of happiness. She wasn’t interested.

We had a few visitors to our booth like that. People who said they don’t know what makes them happy or that they just aren’t happy people. Fortunately, most were eager to tell us what makes them happy. Some stood around for conversations on happiness.




June, Sandy and I find something that makes us happy everywhere we go. Although we didn’t have time to enjoy the city of Savannah, we found slices of happiness. Dinner at Belford’s with specialty drinks. Manhattan with bacon anyone? Meeting other authors and vendors. Shopping. And especially trying on hair extensions and toppers from LA Hair Collection where Ashtyn made us glamourous!

What makes you happy? Can you name three things?



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