How old is senior?

Young lady or old woman?

Young lady or old woman?

It happened today. For the first time. I always knew it was coming but I guess you’re never prepared.

“Are you using your senior discount today,” the clerk at Kroger asked.

“No,” I said automatically. Then, “What’s the age for senior discount?” I wanted to know how old she thought I looked. Continue reading

Laughter as the “Yellow Canary”

In the old days miners carried a yellow canary into the mines with them as a primitive early warning system.

Dangerous gases could form easily in the mine if something upset the balance of the underground air. The little birds had sensitive respiratory systems so if just a small amount of the colorless, odorless, tasteless but deadly gas was in the air a canary would stop singing, began to sway and fall off its perch and drop to the bottom of its cage. It was said that, “If the canary hits the deck, the miners hit the exits.” Continue reading

#ThankAWoman #WomensHistoryMonth Marilynn Mobley

Myra and Marilynn

Myra and Marilynn

Today I honor the memory of my dear friend, mentor and confidant, Marilynn Mobley who passed away in September.

The first time I met Marilynn Mobley was at the local chapter of the National Speaker’s Association. Back in those days we called it GSA. Then we would pass around a microphone and everyone in attendance would introduce themselves briefly. We somehow managed it. Continue reading

#ThankAWoman #WomensHistoryMonth June Cline

June & Good Golly Miss Molly

June & Good Golly Miss Molly

For International Women’s History Month I’m saying “Thank You!” to women who have inspired, encouraged or helped me in some way.

Today I say, “Thank You” to my long-time friend, June Cline, CSP the Southern, Sassy, Harley-riding Humorist. Starting in the speaking business about the same time, we’ve encouraged and advised each other through lots of ups, downs and crazy adventures. We’ve cried together in valleys and celebrated together on mountaintops and laughed all along the way. What I admire most about June is that she says, “Yes!” and then figures out a way. Continue reading

Woman #3 Women’s History Month: Marlo Thomas as Ann Marie in That Girl!

In honor of Women’s History Month I’m saying, “Thank you!”. to some women who inspired me.

When I was just a kid I loved watching That Girl! Starring Marlo Thomas.

Continue reading